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We’re back! Check out the soon to be posted interview with artist JESSI HAMILTON. Painter, wanderer, and all around rad gal. It was an honor to hang out with her and see what she has been up to.

Salon De Force! Steven Speir!

This month the Salon De Force wall features the vibrant and playful work of artist Steven Speir! Screen printer and painter Steven’s work embodies influences from street art, children’s books, pop culture and nightmares. See more of his work at


Steven Speir Can'tRunawaySteven Speir CoathangersSteven Speir With One Eye OpenSteven Speir Dog Will Hunt


Trash Rainbow, Salon De Force, Art, Gainesville Art Walk, ArtWalk

Hey folks! Trash Rainbow is currently looking for submissions for our Salon De Force Wall at Maude’s. Check out submission guidelines and contact here: SALON DE FORCE SUBMISSIONS


Too much good going on in the Kyle Kogut studio! Trash Rainbow had the opportunity to stop by and see what he has been up to. Check out the full interview coming soon(ish) right here at Trash Rainbow HQ. In the meantime look into what Kyle does at

Kyle Kogut, Painting, art, PHiladelphia art, trash rainbow, artist videos


Jessi Hamilton, Dana Robinson, Painting, drawing, design, gainesville design, Florida arts

pictured above: Jessi Hamilton after a satisfying afternoon of work.

Salon De Force is back with a new cornucopia of visual delicacies featuring the works of Jessi Hamilton and Dana Robinson at Maude’s Cafe. More info in the not too distant future…



Jen Clay, Jen Lynn Clay, Video Art, Allon Allou, Stop Motion, Interview,

ITS HERE! FINALLY! After battling a thumb injury and typical distraction caused by streaming episodes of The Wonder Years, Trash Rainbow has been forever awed by the presence of none other than artist Jen Clay. Check out her full interview on the home page or forever live in the past wishing you had told Winnie Cooper you love her.


Trash Rainbow had the opportunity to spend a day in the studio with artist Jen Clay. This lady does it all from creating large scale creature costumes, to stop motion, performance and video. Watch her new series Allon Allou and get ready for the next installment of Trash Rainbow Presents…

Jen Clay Art, Video Art, Forever Eating and Puking Performance piece,

Jen Clay / Forever Puking and Eating / Public Performance


Trash Rainbow, Salon De Force, Art, Gainesville Art Walk, ArtWalk

The first ever…in history…Trash Rainbow “Salon De Force” … is… HERE! This new undertaking will result in “Salon De Force” walls curated by Trash Rainbow to bring the community closer to the creative empiricals that exist within it. This first installment will be in Maude’s Cafe, 101 SE 2nd Place #101, Gainesville, FL and will be completed in time for the March 28th 2014 Art Walk. Artists include:

Benji HaselhurstCody William WickerEvan Galbicka

BENJI HASELHURST                                                    CODY WILLIAM WICKER                                                EVAN GALBICKA

Micah DawAngela DeaneErin Curry

MICAH DAW                                                         ANGELA DEANE                                                                ERIN CURRY

JMF CollectiveVictor PerezSHTHSEMSE

                        JMF COLLECTIVE                                                        VICTOR PEREZ                                                                 SHTHSEMSE

Steven SpeirHilary WhiteErin Bowers

                             STEVEN SPEIR                                                            HILARY WHITE                                                                   ERIN BOWERS

Trash Rainbow Presents: Black Galaxy Entertainment

Black Galaxy Entertainment, Hip Hop, R&B, Florida, 352, Trash Rainbow

The Trash Rainbow interview with DeVonderick Johnson, creator of Black Galaxy Entertainment has gone live! Check it out right here at TR head quarters. This is the man behind the music and at the front of the stage, letting people know hip hop is a force to be reckoned with. Check out Black Galaxy Entertainment and support music coming from artist who are out there making it happen on their own dime, day in and day out.



       pictured from left to right: Christina Johnson/DyNasty,  DeVonderick Johnson/The Lyrical King Kong, Leroy Williams/Da Kidd Geno

Super stoked to have had the opportunity to spend some time with CEO of hip hop label Black Galaxy Entertainment, DeVonderick Johnson. The passion behind the music is evident. DeVonderick runs the record label, as well as all aspects of production from recording to video/photo. Check out the song Like A Star from the album We Are Stars  below. More to come…