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The first ever…in history…Trash Rainbow “Salon De Force” … is… HERE! This new undertaking will result in “Salon De Force” walls curated by Trash Rainbow to bring the community closer to the creative empiricals that exist within it. This first installment will be in Maude’s Cafe, 101 SE 2nd Place #101, Gainesville, FL and will be completed in time for the March 28th 2014 Art Walk. Artists include:

Benji HaselhurstCody William WickerEvan Galbicka

BENJI HASELHURST                                                    CODY WILLIAM WICKER                                                EVAN GALBICKA

Micah DawAngela DeaneErin Curry

MICAH DAW                                                         ANGELA DEANE                                                                ERIN CURRY

JMF CollectiveVictor PerezSHTHSEMSE

                        JMF COLLECTIVE                                                        VICTOR PEREZ                                                                 SHTHSEMSE

Steven SpeirHilary WhiteErin Bowers

                             STEVEN SPEIR                                                            HILARY WHITE                                                                   ERIN BOWERS

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