Too much good going on in the Kyle Kogut studio! Trash Rainbow had the opportunity to stop by and see what he has been up to. Check out the full interview coming soon(ish) right here at Trash Rainbow HQ. In the meantime look into what Kyle does at

Kyle Kogut, Painting, art, PHiladelphia art, trash rainbow, artist videos

Coming Soon…Victor Perez

Victorperez, victor perez, gainesville, Florida, art

Victor Perez. Passages. acrylic on canvas. 24″ x 18″

Coming soon to Trash Rainbow, an interview with artist/ designer Victor Perez! Statement:  “Drawing upon the awkwardness of being, I attempt to make light of life’s absurdities and revel in the possibility of the situation. Through the work, I explore themes of anxiety, mortality, and burden using a lexicon of familiar forms that bind the absurd and poetic. By exploiting and re-contextualizing culturally significant images, I construct new narratives from existing characters, and create dialogue between disparate subjects. I am interested in the conflicts and confluence possible through the unorthodox pairings of forms, and how this discord relates to the human condition.”