Trash Rainbow had the opportunity to spend a day in the studio with artist Jen Clay. This lady does it all from creating large scale creature costumes, to stop motion, performance and video. Watch her new series Allon Allou and get ready for the next installment of Trash Rainbow Presents…

Jen Clay Art, Video Art, Forever Eating and Puking Performance piece,

Jen Clay / Forever Puking and Eating / Public Performance

COBRA’s “The Future Is Wild” at Gallery Protocol

COBRA, Gallery Protocol, The Future Is Wild

Portrait of COBRA in costume from the video/ performance/ installation “The Future Is Wild”

If you find yourself heading down 6th street in Gainesville, Florida you may catch a glimpse of COBRA’s “The Future Is Wild”  being projected on the facade of Gallery Protocol. The imagery is repetitive, humorous, and vibrant. “COBRA combines wit, falsehood and foolery, in a practice which even extends to his own personality, the creation of which itself constitutes an art work.” -Tokyo Art Beat