Too much good going on in the Kyle Kogut studio! Trash Rainbow had the opportunity to stop by and see what he has been up to. Check out the full interview coming soon(ish) right here at Trash Rainbow HQ. In the meantime look into what Kyle does at

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Trash Rainbow Presents: Black Galaxy Entertainment

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The Trash Rainbow interview with DeVonderick Johnson, creator of Black Galaxy Entertainment has gone live! Check it out right here at TR head quarters. This is the man behind the music and at the front of the stage, letting people know hip hop is a force to be reckoned with. Check out Black Galaxy Entertainment and support music coming from artist who are out there making it happen on their own dime, day in and day out.


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It’s finally here. Mysteries revealed. Minds altered. That’s right…DANTE DEBOSE!!! Check out the interview right here or on the Trash Rainbow You Tube page. So much fun working on this project. Big thank you to Ryan Gorman (youtube/ instagram:@gangstermoses) for help with the skate footage. Also lets all support the up and coming musicians who make these soundscapes possible to traverse….

Shout outs In this episode:

In the Studio with Victor Perez

Had the best time spending the afternoon with Victor Perez in his studio. Getting the footage prepped for the next Trash Rainbow video interview, so if you’re into skulls, twisty balloons, meat popsicles, Jerry Stiller, or maybe  the process of informed creating then stay vigilant for the next TR installment… if you’re not into any of that, there’s still time to be…

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