Abstrackt & Bass Killer: Soul Signals

Abstrackt and Bass Killer representing the UK underground with the song “Run Stop Stand” by Bass Killer featured on this months Dante DeBose feature, and a personal favorite “Blue Seas” by Abstrackt to be featured in an upcoming video (but I just couldn’t wait to share). The dual album Soul Signals contains songs that interlace soul and hip-hop to create a sound-scape of complex instrumentals to satisfy even the most complex audial pallet. Still the album brings it all back to the basics of heavy bass driven beats that instigate head bobbing from even the stiffest of necks, and if all that isn’t enough to tempt you to take a listen, the artwork on the album cover should be too much to resist…so give in. This visual feast done by artist/graphic designer Federica Maio-Maf brings it all to the table so that none of the senses goes hungry. Look. Listen. Enjoy.

Abstrackt, Bass Killer, Federica Maio-Maf, Soul Signals, London hip-hop, soul instrumentals, Trash Rainbow


Skateboarding, skateboards, Dante, DeBose, Gainesville, Florida, Skate

It’s finally here. Mysteries revealed. Minds altered. That’s right…DANTE DEBOSE!!! Check out the interview right here or on the Trash Rainbow You Tube page. So much fun working on this project. Big thank you to Ryan Gorman (youtube/ instagram:@gangstermoses) for help with the skate footage. Also lets all support the up and coming musicians who make these soundscapes possible to traverse….

Shout outs In this episode:

Non Sequitur at Gallery Protocol

Gallery Protocol. protocol Gallery, protocal gallery, gainesville arts, sequential arts, Pat Aulisio, Derek Ballard, Josh Bayer, Erin Curry, CF (Christopher Forgues), Hellen Jo, Aidan Koch, Emma Louthan, Molly Colleen O'Connell, Gary Panter, Raymond Pettibon, Ron Rege, Frank Santoro, Dash Shaw, and Angie Wang

Non Sequitur: Abstraction in Contemporary Sequential Art at Gallery Protocol opening tonight from 7-10 pm featuring:

Pat Aulisio, Derek Ballard, Josh Bayer, Erin Curry, CF (Christopher Forgues), Hellen Jo, Aidan Koch, Emma Louthan, Molly Colleen O’Connell, Gary Panter, Raymond Pettibon, Ron Rege, Frank Santoro, Dash Shaw, and Angie Wang

Also in conjunction with SAW and FLA Gallery Sequential S’Mores is taking place. A packed night of some amazing art work. Do not miss.

Coming Soon…Dante Debose!

Trash Rainbow, Dante Debose, skateboards, skater, skateboarder, Gainesville Skateboarders

You heard right. Skater, writer, and all around great guy Dante Debose will be coming soon to Trash Rainbow. Still doing what he loves and helping others out along the way. Eyeballs and ear drums will be entertained. Photo Cred: Ryan Maddox


Cretin Girls Spring Tour Kick Off

Cretin Girls, Soft Science, Spring Break Forever  Cretin Girls, Soft Science Records

“Gainesville post-punk band “Cretin Girls” is the perfect synthesis of order and chaos. Using the same proven formula as Suicide, swirling & distorted guitars are tamed by hypnotic and driven beats. Their songs are punctuated by hard hitting drum machines and desperate screams. It is unsure as to whether Cretin Girls’ sound comes from the past or future, but whatever dark place their music manifests is a world worth exploring .

Formed in 2013, the Cretin Girls have already received credible attention. Italian labels “Goodbye Boozy” & “Welcome to the Shit” have released a five song demo cassette, and Soft Science Records out of Savannah, Ga are releasing a second demo cassette in addition to an EP tape with studio recordings Feb. 20, 2014.”

-Soft Science Records Website

Victor Perez Studio Visit

Pictures from the Victor Perez studio visit. New pieces and works in progress. Check out more at victorperezart.com

Victor, Perez, Jerry Stiller, Art, Gainesville Artists, Florida Arts, Illustration, Painting

Bacon Food, Bacon Art, Victor Perez, Gainesville Art, Florida. Trash Rainbow

Victor Perez, Gainesville Art, Florida Art, Painting in Florida, Illustration

Victor Perez, Trash Rainbow, Acrylic painting, Artist in Gainesville, Florida Artists

New music from STUDENT

Student. Bellingham, Washington, Music, Ambient, Trance, Airwaves, Trash Rainbow

Very excited to have come across the musical sound waves of Student from Bellingham, Washington. The album simply titled EP is akin to  the experience of hearing ambient beats played through a celestial boombox, transmitted to earth via quantum leap. In other words, it’s rhythmic, trance-like, airy quality is worth checking out.

Keep your ears and eyes open for the next production of Trash Rainbow, featuring clips from Student’s album EP as well as other up and coming musical artists, but while you wait support the people who make this possible by supporting their sound craft.    STUDENT band page

Trash Rainbow Presents: VICTOR PEREZ

Victor Perez art, Gainesville, Florida, Acrylic painting, illustration,

Yes. It’s true. Victor Perez featured on Trash Rainbow. Here’s just some of what you will experience in the vortex of light, sound, and movement known as video: skulls, twisty balloons, meat popsicles, Jerry Stiller, just to name a few of the wonders that await. Get into it.

In the Studio with Victor Perez

Had the best time spending the afternoon with Victor Perez in his studio. Getting the footage prepped for the next Trash Rainbow video interview, so if you’re into skulls, twisty balloons, meat popsicles, Jerry Stiller, or maybe  the process of informed creating then stay vigilant for the next TR installment… if you’re not into any of that, there’s still time to be…

Victor Perez artist, Gainesville, Florida, Arts, Acrylic PAint, illustration

One Third Full at 4Most Gallery

Illustrator, Painter, UF, University of Florida Arts, 4Most Gallery

pictured above: Jessi Hamilton

One-Third-Full reception at 4Most Gallery & Studio from 7-10 pm featuring the work of:

Raphael Alexander Q – Sculpture
Mariana Baquero – Ceramics
Lydia Dildilian – Painting
Adrienne Eliades – Ceramics
Annemarie Poyo Furlong – Creative Photography
Jessi Hamilton – Painting and Drawing
Emelie Johansson – Creative Photography
Miguel Saludes – Painting
Thomas Storey – Art+Technology
Ana Trevino – Art+Technology
Charity White – Ceramics
Hilary White – Sculpture

Come out, mingle, trill out.