Abstrackt & Bass Killer: Soul Signals

Abstrackt and Bass Killer representing the UK underground with the song “Run Stop Stand” by Bass Killer featured on this months Dante DeBose feature, and a personal favorite “Blue Seas” by Abstrackt to be featured in an upcoming video (but I just couldn’t wait to share). The dual album Soul Signals contains songs that interlace soul and hip-hop to create a sound-scape of complex instrumentals to satisfy even the most complex audial pallet. Still the album brings it all back to the basics of heavy bass driven beats that instigate head bobbing from even the stiffest of necks, and if all that isn’t enough to tempt you to take a listen, the artwork on the album cover should be too much to resist…so give in. This visual feast done by artist/graphic designer Federica Maio-Maf brings it all to the table so that none of the senses goes hungry. Look. Listen. Enjoy.

Abstrackt, Bass Killer, Federica Maio-Maf, Soul Signals, London hip-hop, soul instrumentals, Trash Rainbow

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