Cretin Girls Spring Tour Kick Off

Cretin Girls, Soft Science, Spring Break Forever  Cretin Girls, Soft Science Records

“Gainesville post-punk band “Cretin Girls” is the perfect synthesis of order and chaos. Using the same proven formula as Suicide, swirling & distorted guitars are tamed by hypnotic and driven beats. Their songs are punctuated by hard hitting drum machines and desperate screams. It is unsure as to whether Cretin Girls’ sound comes from the past or future, but whatever dark place their music manifests is a world worth exploring .

Formed in 2013, the Cretin Girls have already received credible attention. Italian labels “Goodbye Boozy” & “Welcome to the Shit” have released a five song demo cassette, and Soft Science Records out of Savannah, Ga are releasing a second demo cassette in addition to an EP tape with studio recordings Feb. 20, 2014.”

-Soft Science Records Website

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